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  We are the Champion "USTC WARRIORS", foreigner students soccer team made a historic event for its first time to win the school soccer competition .                          
   Under the sunny day the final game between  USTC Warriors vs 京津联 ended up by warriors victory of 1:0 . The Deputy Director of International Students office Professor Jiang  who also attended this game congratulate all the players and decorate the winners in beautiful Medals.                          

  “Together as one, warriors no worries” as the motto.                            
   " USTC Foreign Students Soccer team has enhanced the friendship and cultural exchange between international students and Chinese students by promoting fairness and unity” Jean Paul NGARUKIYIMANA, Warriors captain said. Sport brings different people together and keeps them physically fit which is one of the necessary factors for students’ good performance.                            

  Warriors Players surprising two teammates on their birthday during the competition .